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  1. Osaki Atlas LE

    Osaki Atlas LE

    FEATURES Advanced 4D Technology Voice Control 5 levels of 4D protruding intensity Computer Body Scanning SL-Track Massage 26 Airbag Massage Heating on Back & Calf Automatic Extendable Footrest up to... Learn More
  2. Used Osaki First Class Massage Chair - Floor model, Local pick-up only

    Used Osaki First Class Massage Chair - Floor model, Local pick-up only

    Charcoal Floor Model   • Advanced 3D Technology• Negative Ions• Adjustable Shoulder Width• Manual Calf Kneading Control• L-Track Massage• Full Body Air Massage• Auto Body Scan• Heat on Lumbar• Uniq Learn More

    Regular Price: $6,999.00

    Special Price $2,900.00

  3. Osaki Alpina

    Osaki Alpina

    FEATURES SL Track Roller Design Touch Screen Controller Bluetooth Connection for Speaker 12 Unique Auto-programs 6 Massage Styles Zero Gravity Position Foot roller 5 Levels of Speed, Strength & Intensity Auto Timer... Learn More
  4. Osaki 4000T

    Osaki 4000T

    FEATURES Design Upgraded New Foot roller 6 Unique Auto-programs 6 Massage Styles 5 Levels of Speed & Intensity Calf Rest can be Lifted and Stretched Auto Timer 5-30 Options Hip... Learn More
  5. Osaki OS-4000XT

    Osaki OS-4000XT

    FEATURES Ache Sensor L-Track Massage 2-step Zero Gravity Mode 6 Massage Styles 6 Auto Massage Programs Space Saving Technology Heating on Back Full Body Massage Bluetooth Surround Sound MANUAL The... Learn More
  6. Osaki Yamato

    Osaki Yamato

    FEATURES Auto Body Scan Foot Massage & Calf Kneading L-Track Massage 2 Stages of Zero Gravity Air Bag Massage Heat Therapy Space Saving Extendable Footrest Side Controller Bluetooth Speakers 10... Learn More
  7. Osaki Maxim LE

    Osaki Maxim LE

    FEATURES Upgraded Space Saving Advanced 3D Technology Ergonomic SL-Track Massage Specialized Airbag Massage Automatic Extendable Footrest up to 7” 8 Automatic Program 6 Styles of Massage Functions Zero Gravity Heating... Learn More
  8. Osaki Allure

    Osaki Allure

    FEATURES Intelligent Voice Control Computer Body Scan System Advanced 3D Massage Ergonomic SL-Track Full Body Air Massage 3 Steps Zero Gravity 21 Auto Programs & 6 Massage Styles Specialized Foot... Learn More
  9. Osaki Hiro LT

    Osaki Hiro LT

    FEATURES Japanese Brushless Motor 3D Airbag with position sensor SL Track Massage Auto Leg Computer Scan Computer Body Scan Zero Gravity Space Saving Reline Technology Foot Roller 3 Core Processor... Learn More
  10. Osaki Cyber

    Osaki Cyber

    FEATURES Evolved 3D massage Technology Computer Body Scan 2 Stage Zero Gravity Arm Air Massage Shoulder, Lumbar & Hip Squeeze & Twist Auto Recline and leg extention Accupoint Technology Dual... Learn More

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