Used Fujita SMK 9700 Massage Chair Latte - Floor model, Local Pick-up only

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Used Fujita SMK 9700 Massage Chair Latte - Floor model, Local Pick-up only

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3D Intelligent Chip: Simulated manual massage technique
• Auto body scanning
• Super long L shape lead rail technology (good glute massage)
• Zero gravity mode
• Strong neck and shoulder massage
• 3D/2D selected massage
• Six auto programs and seven massage techniques
• Three rows foot roller massage (strong foot massage) and calf massage
• Fast heating on waist
• Patented head massager
• Blue tooth synchrony

Local Pick-up only


3D Massage Technology

Experience the most human like massage from Fujita.
The new enhanced 3D massage rollers are designed to massage wider with and deeper than the convention massage rollers. The 3D technology allows you to extend out or protrude the massage heads up to 8 mm for a super deep massage. The 3D intensity has 6 different levels, ranging from normal to very strong. With the 3D technology, reaching and massaging the acupuncture points becomes effortless with better precision and depth, leaving you revitalized.

Acupoints Technology

You have approximately 350 acupoints in your body, with nearly 100 in your back and neck. From the soothing palm style of Swedish massage, to deep tissue kneading, to Shiatsu massage, the Fujita has a variety of techniques to target acupoints, resulting in invigorating energy.

Fully New Thai Massage - "Body Stretching"

TheThai massage is imitated to unfold and stretching the spine and legs, allowing the back muscles and ligament to relax completely and better relieve fatigue. What is different from traditional massage is that it's stretching the leg more effectively.

Full Body Massage


  • - Zero Gravity massage: Mainly designed to stretch user’s waist and lumbar for those who are sitting in front of the office for long periods of time and under lots of stress. Zero gravity position allows the waist and lumber fully relax.

  • - 2-way Zero Gravity: The Zero Gravity featureprovides a minimized spinal stress position by elevating the legs above the heart and positioning the spine on a horizontal plain which also allows the massage heads to apply a deeper massage.

  • - Maximun recline angel 170 °: At inverted position, the blood flows to the brain and helps supply more oxygen to the brain cells.

  • - Arm and palm stretch massage: Advanced air stretching and kneading function encurages proper circulation, and also improves your flexibility and range of motion.

  • - Advanced hip and thigh massage: Advanced air massage to press the outer thighs and buttocks to relieve tightness of these large muscles.

  • - Multi-Point leg and foot stretch massage: Deliver deep penetrating relief to feet, calves, and legs as if they were being massaged by human hands. This “stretching” relaxes your lower half of the body evenly as it improves your flexibility.

  • - Foot length detection and extend: Automatical foot length detected function for fitting users’feet. Relieve and reduce muscles soreness and stiffness.

  • - 3D Roller Mechanism: The new 3D Roller Mechanism has the feature to push the rollers out for a deeper massage or withdraw for a softer massage catered to your preferences.

  • - One-Piece module: One-piece module roller mechanism, easy for maintenance service.

  • - Heating Function: The infrared heating function sends penetrating rays to reach the depths of the muscle joints to effectively speed up blood circulation, activate tissue cells and enhance immunity.

  • - Worldwide range of power voltage: DC24V low voltage design with worldwide range of power voltage, available for AC100V~240V, 50~60/Hz.

  • - TFT-LCD remote control: TFT-LCD color screen remote control with friendly touch panel. Easy for operation and convenient for use.

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